New BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124X Adds 24V Compatibility, USB Power Outlet

New BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124X Adds 24V Compatibility, USB Power Outlet

The BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery is the best Parking Mode accessory for your BlackVue dashcam. The latest version (B-124X) now features both 12V and 24V compatibility as well as a USB power outlet.

Note: BlackVue Battery Bluetooth app update

The BlackVue Battery App—which lets you connect via Bluetooth to your Ultra Battery to check its status—has been updated for compatibility with the new B-124X model. Once downloaded, you can access it separately or from the BlackVue App’s main menu.

Same large capacity and reliability

The B-124X, like the B-124 that precedes it, features a 12.8V/6000mAh/76.8Wh battery protected by an aluminum enclosure. Depending on your dashcam, you will be able to get from 16 to over 24 hours of Parking Mode. Like its predecessor, it is built to sustain the harshest conditions. The Lithium Iron Phosphate cells allow the B-124X to perform reliably under extreme temperatures that would make regular Lithium-Ion batteries a safety hazard.

Two ways to install it

The B-124X can be powered from the cigarette lighter power socket of your vehicle thanks to the provided adapter. It can also be hardwired to your vehicle’s electric system via the fuse box, with the also provided kit. We recommend the hardwiring method for fastest charging time.

When connected to the cigarette lighter, the B-124X will draw 5A at best, charging in under 80 minutes.
When hardwired, the B-124X is able to draw up to 9A, charging in approximately 40 minutes.

New dual 12V/24V compatibility

The original Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124) was compatible with 12V systems only.

The new B-124X adds 24V compatibility so you can install it in most individual and commercial or heavy-duty vehicles.

New USB power outlet

The B-124X also adds a 5V (2A max) USB power outlet to power accessories. If you use BlackVue Over the Cloud, this could be a solution to keep your Wi-Fi hotspot going while in Parking Mode.